Public garage Tuškanac

Public garage Tuškanac

Adresa: Tuškanac 1b
Kapacitet: 465 mjesta
Najveća ukupna visina vozila: 2,3 m
Public garage Tuškanac
Hourly - day-time 08:00 - 21:00 HRK 10,00/h
Hourly - night-time 21:00 - 08:00 HRK 2,00/h
24 hour* 24 hours HRK 60,00
Weekly* 24 hours x 7 days HRK 200,00
Monthly - day-time* 06:00 - 18:00 HRK 400,00
Monthly - night-time* 17,00 - 09,00 on work days,
saturday from 15,00 and sundays from 00 - 24 h
HRK 75,00
Monthly* 00 - 24:00 HRK 500,00
Monthly - privileged** 00 - 24:00 HRK 110,00


User who has entered the garage using a vehicle, wishing to purchase a daily (24-hour) parking permit, weekly parking permit or monthly parking permit, must make the desired purchase within 10 minutes from the moment of entering the public garage and must present to the garage employee the ticket for hourly parking obtained at the entrance.

Monthly parking permit

**A privileged parking permit for public garage Tuškanac is issued to natural persons (tenants) in accordance with the Ordinance on the Use of Public Parking Lots and Public Garages.

As of 10 February 2020, a new application form for the purchase of prepaid parking permits applies. Customers who have already submitted the application (filled out the old form) and who are on the waiting list, will need to fill out the new form and they will be able to purchase the prepaid parking permit immediately.
Customers who have already purchased a prepaid parking permit and wish to prolong it, will have to fill out the new application form once such permit expires.

Note for users of prepaid parking permits
By selling prepaid parking permits, Zagreb Holding Ltd., Zagrebparking Subsidiary DOES NOT GUARANTEE availability of parking spaces at any moment, as this depends on the availability of parking capacities.